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Santa and his team of little helpers have once again been working tirelessly to prepare for your special festive visit.


Offering a fun filled experience for the whole family, Chessington Garden Centre will again play host to London's biggest and best event.

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Finding Us & Visit jolly old Saint Nick.

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Come visit our site and have an exceptional experience, it's located within Chessington Garden Centre, adjacent to Chessington World of Adventures.

Finding Our Grotto

Our event runs in London runs from the 16th November

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Santa will be in residence in his magical grotto, daily, from his spectacular arrival on Saturday 16th November until Tuesday 24th December. But hurry his diary is filling up fast!

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London's premier christmas event. A Wonderful Experience

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For an idea of the truly magical experience that is awaiting you and family, why not view video's and images from the great man's previous visits.

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What You Can Do In London This Christmas Season

It is that time of year again that everyone is looking into spending a vacation in London. London, during Christmas season has a lot of activities and fun to offer. You will see a lot of tourists prowling the streets, and you will also see a lot of locals dropping by shops, stores and stalls to buy a Christmas present. Spending your Christmas in London is the best way to spend your holiday. You can expect a lot of activities happening the moment the Christmas lights in Oxford and Regent Streets are lit, up until New Year’s Eve.


If you like good bargains and shopping, you can enjoy the Germanic-inspired stalls in the streets of London. You can expect big discounts saving your some hundred pounds on Christmas presents and souvenirs. You will surely have a unique shopping experience this festive season, and you will surely find that unique piece of a present for your friends and loved ones. Your Christmas holiday in London will never be complete if you won’t drop by Christmas markets in Portobello Road, Brick Lane, Bermondsey and others.


For all theatre and play lovers, London offers you a variety of comedic plays and tragic plays. Christmas in London offers you a theatre extravaganza, which includes The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, Macbeth, Twelfth Night, and many others. You will also experience the great British pantomime, which is a good way to celebrate the Christmas season.


Businesses will still be open in London. This means that you can drop by and visit famous sights around. Look out for special tours and promotions for the London Eye and Madame Tussaud’s. And if you want the best out of your money, you can check out “London Pass” and take advantage of everything that London has to offer this particular festive season.


Wherever street you may stumble, and wherever you turn your head into, you will see parties being held and friends sharing a table in a restaurant. London has become the culinary capital of the world, and it is for the same reason that you can expect great food and drinks wherever you may turn. This Christmas season, you can expect homemade Christmas delights and treats that you can never find elsewhere.


All those discussions about how you can enjoy Christmas in London is put to waste if you cannot find a good accommodation for your entire vacation. You can expect special rates this Christmas season in all hotels in London, as well as, discounts from booking agencies and websites alike. You may want to book ahead of time to avoid the rush, that way you can avail great discounts and save some pounds on your accommodations.